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Thursday, December 26, 2013

More about credit score

I’ve been offered a job at the lab and am going through the rigorous clearance screening process. I am not sure whether I should tell the HR department that my credit is not perfect. We lost our home during the recession and what followed was some pretty damaging stuff on our credit. The position that they are considering me for has access to proprietary information. Can you please ask other bloggers if they have any thoughts regarding this dilemma? Thank you in advanced. Signed, Midscore640


Anonymous said...

Not sure why you are asking this group. You signed a waiver allowing them to look at your credit and bank information, right?

Were you asked point blank about whether you had credit issues? It is probably moot since they already know. Unless you did not bring it up during the window in which they asked you about these things, it's not up to you to bring it up.

But you can go ahead and tell HR. It's a plus for your integrity and honesty. If they somehow missed it (and it was a deciding factor), they will eventually catch it. Better now than later, if you want to not have to worry about it hanging over your head.

My guess is that it wasn't a deciding factor.

Anonymous said...

This is a really odd question. The answer should have been bloody obvious. Either you are clueless, not explaining your dilemma very clearly and being misunderstood, or you are trolling/phishing.

Anonymous said...

This was covered in another thread recently. But to summarize: the only reasons that LLNL will care about your credit history is if it a) directly indicates that you break the law; b) shows that you were dishonest when asked questions which were essentially part of your job application; or c)are subject to potential blackmail (that is, you're hiding your poor credit history and somebody could exploit that fact to get you to do somethng that is not in LLNL's best interests).

If you answered all of the questions on all the official paperwork and in the official interviews honestly & without omission, you're fine. The folks who process your application are good at asking ALL the important questions.

If, however, you omitted information when asked, you should let the hiring person know, to lay to rest items b and c

Anonymous said...

I know someone who lost his home, in a short sale, due to unemployment during the recession. LLNL hired him, and he got a Q clearance in due time.

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