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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Marylia Kelley said... This link will lead you to the NNSA Memorandum of December 16, 2013 RE: LLNL, LLC's FY 2013 Performance Fee. As you will see, LLNS did not earn the "award term." However, the Performance Evaluation Report - upon which this memo is based - is not yet up on the web. Some of you will recall that last year, the Fee Determining Official (at that time, Neile Miller) gave LLNL management a "bump up" to allow them the "award term." She also gave LANL management an anomaly to give them the "award term." Congress was not amused - and so it may be particularly interesting to see the actual Performance Evaluation Reports this year. Tri-Valley CAREs will be watching for the FY 2013 Performance Evaluation Report, and will use the Freedom of Information Act to ensure its public availability if it is not posted by NNSA on the web in a timely manner.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure anyone here cares what Marylia Kelley has to say about anything.

Anonymous said...

She provides a link to the NNSA PERs website. Interestingly, however, NNSA appears to have disabled select content on the site.

Anonymous said...

From the number of comments I believe it is safe to assume no one cares about her or her organization.

Anonymous said...

"I do." said Mr. Kelly to reporters.

"On Tuesdays if she is in a good mood, I get lucky."


Anonymous said...

Her post was about the LLNS annual performance evaluation. Too boring for some of you?

Anonymous said...

Let's be careful here. TVC is examining the legitimacy of lab contract awards and extensions. There is (or should be) a connection to our LLNS "worker bee" assignments and NNSA "performance evaluations" of the labs yes? Do you want a NNSA rubber stamp annual review of the labs, or a substantive 360 review? It's only our jobs, benefits, and future. I'm just saying, unless you think we are the same or better off under LLNS, let's not discard a common concern from the outside. We need not be in complete lock step with TVC to value a common concern.

Anonymous said...

I want both Marylia and NNSA to eat shit and die.

The lab,the employees, the country, and nuclear science were much better off when UC ran the place and everyone else was self absorbed or stoned...

Anonymous said...

sorry, ignore previous post, low blood sugar. Now better

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