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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Do you want a 20% INCOMPETENCY DISCOUNT from Anthem Blue Cross?

Do you want a 20% INCOMPETENCY DISCOUNT from Anthem Blue Cross? (for your WASTED TIME tracking possible credit fraud due to weak Anthem Blue Cross IT security practices). aka/ (Why didn't they encode my family's personal data - )

Anthem Blue Cross medical insurance coverage costs you a small fortune through the labs. The lab contributes about $1800 per month, I another $822 for family medical coverage. I want a 20% DISCOUNT while I waste my time tracking the errors those useless IT bonobos caused. That's a $564 per mo. incompetence discount.

The premium price is not commensurate with the dumpkopf practices.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Look into the Obamacare Gold plans. You might find that they offer better coverage for less money that the bloated prices that LLNL is paying out to Anthem.

Like everything else at this lab, the medical care has been "gold bricked" to the point of the absurd. The total price being paid considering the coverage you get is way too high.

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