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Saturday, February 7, 2015



Some people don't like working for Empyrean:

“worst company I ever worked for... ”
Current Employee - Business Analyst

I have been working at Empyrean Benefit Solutions full-time (less than a year)

smart coworkers, free soda, popcorn, many free lunches and flexile with running errands....

Very poor overall compensation, health insurance is laughable considering this is a benefits company, low hiring standards with sloppy/obese workforce, ridiculous demands from clients, excessive micromanagement, and an expectation to work unpaid overtime 5 months out of the year. This company essentially takes the entry level people that have subpar gpa's, are obese, obnoxious, weird, or all of the above and pays them well below market value because they can. A money-ball approach to attracting talent to maximize profits for the few at the top. The csms job is to run their teams like a cotton plantation and bend over backwards for the client while deflecting all pressure to the BA's to meet the ridiculous demands. The csms care more about the client than about the well being of their staff. They will throw their BA's under the bus on the phone with the client, they will lie to their clients, and when things go well, they will reap the credit.... working here was hell on earth... I was happy I got a much better opportunity a week before Open Enrollment


Anonymous said...

Saves a few bucks, picks less competence.

Like NNSA dropping UC and getting LLCs.

Bet this is the work of Lynn Soderstrom. She despises lab employees

Anonymous said...

In the money conscious spirit of the golum, Tyler Pryzbylek.

Anonymous said...

Q. Is that the snarky outsider lady who sort of presides over the various Benefits fairs?
The one I'm thinking of is relatively honest, and says she hates everyone!

Anonymous said...

Down, down we go with the LLCs and their executive bean counters leading the way.

I miss the old days when UC ran the labs and actually had some sense of responsibility and caring about the well being of their loyal employees. With the LLCs, it's all about the money... theirs, not yours.


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