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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sandia describes strained relationship with NNSA

Full report on Sandia describes strained relationship with NNSA - mentions Department of Justice ongoing investigation: 

Challenges presented during FY 2014 have strained the relationship and put at risk the efficiency and effectiveness of the endeavor. One such challenge: the concerns regarding allegations of Sandia’s involvement in impermissibly attempting to influence certain federal transactions and in conducting lobbying activities are so serious that both the DOE Inspector General and the U.S. Department of Justice are currently investigating the situation. NNSA needs a partner that is fully committed to the requirement "to maintain full and open communication at all times, and on all issues affecting contract performance, during the term of this Contract." Sandia's commitment to the
positive and cooperative relationship contemplated by the contract has been modest, and falls short of
what is expected of a Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC)


Anonymous said...

Nobody is gonna testify against himself.

Anyone who expects the impossible is incompetent and should be employed by the federal government.

Anonymous said...

..where competence is neither presumed nor required.

Anonymous said...

...but it is an attractive, well-fed, diverse, stress-free employee pool

Anonymous said...

Viewing the inner workings of government from the vantage of a lab employee makes is so hard to support expanding government. It performs sooooo poorly, oversells and confuses, is fraught with excess, and costs so much for what little is recieved.

Witness. A private first class is an honorable, hard working government employee. He makes little.

DHS, DOE and DOD are full of employees making multiples of a privates pay, and earn very little in comparison. Then there is Congress and the White House at loggerheads doing nothing, except weakening US interests abroad. Then there is the Scold in Charge. Talk, talk, talk. that man can talk. Competent leadership? Not so much.

And you wonder why many don't want government to grow.

Anonymous said...

Words, just hollow words, are in the annual review narrative for SNL. What matters are not the words, but the magnitude of the fee check. Any organization would be thrilled to take 90% of the fee and a crappy review letter for the year. Just look at LANL with their pathetic 10% fee check. SNL is made up of winners, and they are laughing all the way to the bank at the LANL losers.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the story? Lobbying by who for what? What is the DOJ investigating?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

SNL has strayed from the DOE/NNSA reservation by taking on a lot of work not directly from NNSA or DOE. The DOE bureaucrats in DC don't like that as it gives SNL some freedom in their endeavors.

This latest accusation from DOE is their means of "pay back" to SNL for wearing a leash that is too loose and too long. Heel, Sandians!

Anonymous said...

Adam Rowen a manager in Sandia Labs does not have a Ph.D. They split up his group. You should hear some of the things that the current staff members have to say about Adam Rowen!

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