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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nuclear Official Allowed to Oversee Former Client

It is unbelievable that Klotz was cleared by the Administration for the NNSA Administrator with this background. Maybe he shouldn't be faulted for taking the money from Bechtel when he retired from the military, but that should have excluded him from consideration to come back. Since the Senate must have known about this blatant conflict, and confirmed him anyway, they deserve some blame as well. Even if he was the fifth choice, after four others turned down the position, surely someone else could have been identified that didn't possess the heavy conflict baggage. 

Thanks to POGO for staying after this looming scandal.


Anonymous said...

Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

Of this explains everything, I could understand why Klotz hasn't fired McMillan and remains "under the sheets" with McMillan and Bechtel. The NNSA/LANS/LLNS/Bechtel nuclear enterprise is corrupt. This entire nuclear corporate enterprise needs to be dissolved, or better vaporized.

Anonymous said...

Corruption has rotted out America's nuclear weapons complex and Congress could care less about it as long as the campaign contributions keep pouring in from their corporate supporters.

Of course, a quick look around at the banks, Wall Street, etc, will show you that the corruption has also overtaken most institutions in the country. Truth be told, massive con men like Bernie Madoff and Jon Corzine should have large statues erected for them down on the Washington DC mall. These are the type of men many admire today.

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