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Monday, August 24, 2015

Hanford whistleblower wins

Hanford whistleblower wins; Tamosaitis to receive $4.1 million settlement"

"...Hanford subcontractor URS has agreed to settle a lawsuit brought by former employee Walter Tamosaitis for $4.1 million..."

"...He also insisted that the settlement agreement include no confidentiality statement keeping the settlement terms secret, so that others would see that “integrity, honesty and forthrightness will lead to justice.”

"...The $4.1 million settlement with URS includes almost $1.4 million for lost wages and $1.1 million for emotional distress and mental anguish..."


Anonymous said...

LLNS LLC members Bechtel and URS identified in press release:

"...In the summer of 2010, Dr. Tamosaitis, a URS employee, was a lead engineer working at the Hanford Waste Treatment Plant (“WTP”). The purpose of the WTP is to turn the toxic and radioactive sludge stored in the more than 100 tanks at Hanford, into glass rods, which can be safely stored. Dr. Tamosaitis and his research team were charged with trying to figure out how to keep the sludge mixed so it could be pumped into the WTP processors, which were under construction. Bechtel and URS were to receive and split a $6 million bonus if the mixing issue was resolved by the end of July 2010. As the deadline approached, Dr. Tamosaitis opposed Bechtel’s claims that mixing issues regarding the sludge had been resolved. Within a few days after voicing his opposition, he was removed from his management position at Hanford, escorted off the property, and assigned to a basement office at URS performing no meaningful work for fifteen months. He was only transferred to an aboveground office after testifying before Congress, but still he was given no meaningful work. In 2013, he was laid off for “lack of work.”..."

Anonymous said...

Another perfect example of the "Bechtel-ized" nuclear weapons complex.

Anonymous said...

You think this story will appear in the LLNL "news clips"?

Anonymous said...

It would have been nice if the judgement had been equal to or greater than the 6 million bonus that Bechtel and URS received. If one discounts the lawyer fees that URS had to pay their own lawyers, the 4.1 million judgement still leaves 1.9 million profit.

Anonymous said...

They should claw back the 6m bonus and assess a penalty on top. 2x? 3x?

Something at a level that deters this type of behavior.

I'm happy for the guy, but we need to fix the systemic issues, not just pay off guys who persevere through the legal system.

Anonymous said...

"...Something at a level that deters this type of behavior..."

Yes, the $ reward to $ risk ratio does not discourage poor conduct by DOE Contractors. It is comparable to billion dollar banking fraud where the penalties or fines levied against the responsible parties are only a fraction of the money illegally acquired.

Anonymous said...

Get back to work.

No one in Congress cares anything about this type of meaningless fluff.

Anonymous said...

Who Cares?

Video Part 1: Capitol Hill/C-SPAN/ Whistleblowers at Hanford Nuclear Site

Video Part 2:

Anonymous said...

The Center for Public Integrity

"Nuclear cleanup project haunted by legacy of design failures and whistleblower retaliation"


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