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Friday, August 21, 2015

Minority managers at the labs

Are women or minority managers at LANL or LLNL treated differently or less harshly for ethical indiscretions in the workplace?


Anonymous said...
Ask Beth.
Anonymous said...
So her 11th hour departure from LANS was not a sign of special treatment?


Anonymous said...

"...Ask Beth..."

One should not confuse former Deputy Director Beth Sellers DOE IG imposed three year debarment from government contracting with LANS management's failure to promptly respond on their own (the topic question) and decision to "brush it aside for over a year".

Anonymous said...

Just look at the LANL or LLNL minority utilization tables (head count % / % goal) and you can quickly identify "under-utilized" minorities that are in the political "catbird seat", meaning these managers are generally not held to the same ethical standard of other minority or non-minority managers. It is a form of ethical "diplomatic immunity". Fired minority managers for ethical reasons outside of the "under-utilization" tables do not qualify for this special protection.

Anonymous said...

What minority managers? Oh I'm sorry, LANS still has Rich Marquez riding his horse down Pajarito Road waving his cowboy hat, hailing "todo esta bueno, todo eta bueno!"


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