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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Retired SNL employee gives scathing review of SNL illegal lobbying:

Anonymous Carl Axness (former SNL retired employee) gives scathing review of SNL illegal lobbying:

Carl Axness · Polytechnic University of Catalonia
As a retired SNL employee, I am not surprised. Upper management frequently gives contracts to retired upper managers and the labs are a convenient place for the M&O company to unload unproductive upper managers. It has always been unclear to me why the labs need a private company to "manage" them given the huge number of managers that the lab has, most of whom are there to give motherhood and apple pie talks. Of course, there is a strong republican bias at the labs which explains the lucrative contract going to Heather Wilson. Hopefully DOE will punish some of the responsibles 


Anonymous said...

"strong republican bias at the labs which explains the lucrative contract "

So Democrats are ok with Planned Parenthood selling baby's heads(for profit) and cutting out their livers (for profit) for PROFIT.
Latest to Stem Express company in Placerville.
Here is video proof,

I am just saying you might not want to go political here is the point, half of the country does not share your beliefs. So do not assume that.

Anonymous said...

FYI I am not for the Republicans but they were voted in a majority in both houses of Congress so to pretend everyone has a liberal mentality is not true.
If Liberals were a majority in the country why is all of Congress a Republican majority.
Bad assumption in the Posting.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to say if there is a Republican majority at Sandia, but there is certainly a lack of PhDs in Sandia.

Three Vice Presidents (and now the President) of technical divisions at Sandia National Laboratories do not have a Ph.D.: Hruby, Walker, Vahle. To my knowledge, these are the first ever Vice Presidents without a Ph.D. in Science or Engineering to lead techical divisions at Sandia.

Adam Rowen (no longer manager of the Materials Chemistry department) from Sandia National Laboratories does not have a Ph.D.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Adam Rowen definitely doesn't have a Ph.D.

Didn't the Department of Energy order Adam Rowen to cancel the Hawaii trip he booked on government funds?


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