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Monday, September 14, 2015

Notice of violation

Nuclear Safety Enforcement Preliminary Notice of Violation issued to Los Alamos National Security, LLC for programmatic deficiencies in the nuclear practicality safety program at the Los Alamos National Laboratory
Never stops......


Anonymous said...

Sandia is just full of criminals, or even worse, mediocrity. Maybe they really just didn't know better - someone didn't tell them that kind of bribery is illegal! Lesson learned. It's all just caused by a vast left-wing conspiracy orchestrated by the other labs anyways, to hassle Sandia, right? Sandia is just the leper child getting picked on and being bullied. Waa waaaa!!

Anonymous said...

Wrong thread.

This surely must be the doom of LANS, which will then cease to exist since it only exists to manage LANL (poorly). Who will replace them? Who would want to replace them?

Anonymous said...

No, this will roll off Teflon Charlie and his board of governors just like every safety and environmental infraction has done since LANS and the Kalifornia Karpetbaggers took over New Mexico. Why? Because DOE/NNSA hasn't the cajones to go up against Norm Pattiz and his cronies. Thank God we've got a Governor with enough gumption to face them down, and penalize them, even though the weak kneed US Gov't quivers at their sight.

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