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Monday, September 14, 2015

Criminal charges still on the table for Sandia lobbying

Criminal charges still on the table for Sandia lobbying, according to TIME magazine!


Anonymous said...

Sandia is just full of criminals, or even worse, mediocrity. Maybe they really just didn't know better - someone didn't tell them that kind of bribery is illegal! Lesson learned. It's all just caused by a vast left-wing conspiracy orchestrated by the other labs anyways, to hassle Sandia, right? Sandia is just the leper child getting picked on and being bullied. Waa waaaa!!

Anonymous said...

Sandia has always been the "good lab" while LANL is is the problem child that needs to be beaten. Sandia has one scandal with of illegal lobbying, LANL: Wen Ho Lee, stolen mustangs, fires, disks behind copiers, culture of theft, cowboy culture, lab shut down, arrogant scientists, buttheads, meth and secrets, blowing up buildings, broken fences, WHIP, corrupt deputy directors, people who think they are better than others, more fires, stolen gold, drug testing, WHIP, blinding students with lasers, electrical fires, broken fences and it goes on and on.

I think it is clear that Sandia is not the leper child, but the good studious child that makes a mistake every once in awhile like we all do. LANL is the incorrigible delinquent, LLNL is the fat dumb kid that everyone picks on, NTS is the invisible child that never says anything. Oak Ridge is the child that has gone on the Ivy league and will soon start a job as an investment banker. DOE is the stern but fair father trying to deal with a large and diverse family. NNSA is the mentally disturbed mother on prozac.

Anonymous said...

Haha I always thought of LLNL as the snot-nosed teacher's pet kissing ass all the time, and proud because his only achievement was good attendance.

Anonymous said...

Didn't the Department of Energy order Adam Rowen (former Sandia manager of the materials chemistry department) to cancel the Hawaii trip he booked on government funds?

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