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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Strike at Pantex

Pantex workers (1,100) are going out on strike.

There's concern in NNSA that Y-12 may follow them. The big sticking point is the BenVal calculation requirement that NNSA M&O contractors must utilize to determine allowable benefits.


Anonymous said...

I hope they go on strike. Only way to force change

Anonymous said...

You have to hand it to Panted workers. They are actually one of the few Nuclear Weapon Complex (NWC) Plants or Labs that actually fight for their rights and benefits. The rest of the Complex (e.g. Labs) just get on this Blog and complain.

Anonymous said...

I hope they stay on strike for months on end. I'm sure it was a very difficult decision to make but CNS is living in lala land thinking they can shove the BEN VAL study down the peoples throats. This was done to the salaried personnel at CNS Y-12 and we had no choice in the matter. Now they are acknowledging they acted too hasty in changing the benefits package. It might have been ok if they just made a few changes the 1st year instead of sweeping changes. This shows the level of management CNS has now. I was very fortunate in that I was able to retire and leave all the madness. GO PANTEX - SHIP CNS MANAGEMENT OFF!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pantex has lost on average 3 salary employees per week since Jan. 1 of this year because of the CNS changes. CNS actually had to have a job fair on Aug. 8 as they tried to fill over 100 positions. We'll stay on strike as long as it takes!


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