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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Are the NNSA Field Office staff liable?

Are the NNSA Field Office staff liable for off the mark Contractor performance evaluations,
failures, or unlawful Contractor activities (Sandia, LANS, etc.)?

"...NNSA maintains seven field offices that are responsible for day-to-day oversight of the activities at each site..."

Anonymous Anonymous said...
After the whole illegal lobbying scandal, it shows that Sandia is just full of criminals, or even worse, mediocrity. Maybe they really just didn't know better - someone didn't tell them that kind of bribery is illegal! Lesson learned. It's all just caused by a vast left-wing conspiracy orchestrated by the other labs anyways, to hassle Sandia, right? Sandia is just the leper child getting picked on and being bullied. Waa waaaa!!

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Anonymous said...

Are NNSA Field Office contractor evaluators liable? If not, it presents a deluxe opportunity for the for-profit contractor to milk the system and to skew performance criteria. We are working on the honor system, so there is nothing to worry about right? Why shouldn't the public trust
the contractor's live in roommate evaluators?


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