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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Goldstein to lead UC bid for LANL!

Goldstein to lead UC bid for LANL!
Is this a joke?


I have heard a different name but Goldstein would make more sense than the name I have heard and Goldstein would lend some actual credibility to a bid team from UC. Than again maybe it is all bs. The blog seems to have the same level accuracy as the NYT and WSP when it comes to anonymous sources. Sorry Scooby I don't want to disparage the blog by making this comparison but I was just trying to make a point ;)

Scooby: your comment foes not bother because the blog isn't  the WSJ or the NYT. 🙂


Anonymous said...

Bring back Parney!!

Anonymous said...

Anastasio, Mara, Knapp, McMillan, et al. showed the way to riches. Follow the money, and become the next Kalifornia Karpetbagger to run LANL into the ground, Bill.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why Bill would want to sign-on for a DOA proposal by UC. If Lock-Mart got thrown out of Sandia, how much doubt is there that UC rolls off the mesa?

Or can UC learn to promise as much as Honeywell?

Anonymous said...

Anothet boring troll. Any lab news?

Anonymous said...

LLNL zeroed in site splits.

Anonymous said...

Now NNSA just hired Younger, Girrens, and Burns to run Sandia into the ground. For anyone who really knew these three guys and the the way the operate just goes to show you how screwed-up NNSA is. NNSA just threw out hundreds of years of very experienced managers at Sandia to put the three stooges in charge. What an abomination!

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