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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

NM locals demand LANL remain for profit!

  1. Public officials from Northern New Mexico communities are renewing a push to try to ensure that Los Alamos National Laboratory and its contractors continue to pay gross receipts taxes on their purchases.

    Under state law, the communities and the state would lose tens of millions of dollars a year in gross receipts taxes if a nonprofit group takes over management of the lab next year when the Department of Energy puts a new contractor in place. The lab is now managed by a for-profit consortium, which is required to pay gross receipts taxes.

Comment :
  1. "These communities need this revenue!"

    Perhaps, but could someone point out some improvements made by these revenues since the contract change? There may be some but even in Los Alamos, any improvements seem to be to the county officials and buddies rather than to the actual community. I hope it is different in the other parts of New Mexico but I have my doubts.


Anonymous said...

How did these communities survive all those years when the lab was non-profit and the only revenue was the monies spent by the employees and whatever local purchase made by the lab?

Tax dollars - the heroin of government entities.

Anonymous said...

Squeeze those teats as long as possible.

Anonymous said...

If you are gonna continue with trolls, at least make the topic interesting... like tit size or something. TCP-1 was closed in 2006. As a legacy it is covered by ERISA rules. Stop, News stop.

Anonymous said...

TCP-1 or any other retirement plan has no bearing on the local governments wanting to keep the Labs as a profit entity to collect taxes. So 11:56, what is your point or did the late hour of posting confuse you as to what this thread was concerning?


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