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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Heather Wilson

  1. The ethical swamp monster who received $450,000 of government funds even though there is no evidence that work performed had been completed is now your SecAF.
  2. ALL 4 Labs she worked for have refuted the baseless claims against Heather Wilson.

    Read the Wiki page, she is very qualified.

    Sheesh, Owebama earns $400K for each 90 minute speech and these hypocritical Dims say nothing. Disgusting. Wilson worked for years to get that kind of money.


Anonymous said...

Read the IG report. Paying fines to the government for misuse of government funds is a pretty poor way to refute this ethical lapse. Guess that's the new way of WINNING!

SNL and NNSS both lost bids from their previous operating company and LANL is in the process of losing their M&O.

Yes, we know that Wilson has been trying to cash in for years, hope it pays now she's in with Dirty Donny and the Russians.

Anonymous said...

I did read it. Then I read the statements from 4 National Labs refuting the poorly done IG report. I then noted the IG's report went nowhere. No actions were taken.

It's dishonest to claim that SNL and LANL's contract changes had anything to do with Heather Wilson. Read the DOE's Lab performance reports. Learn something for a change before you mindlessly parrot any more deranged Dimocrat nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no fine. SNL elected to pay Wilson out of fee,not government funds. In any case,Wilson didn't do anything wrong,she wasn't even accused of doing anything wrong. Democrat swamp boy was just blowing hot air. Terrible!

Anonymous said...

And then despite any previous statements to the contrary, the labs continued to refute the record by repaying $442,877.

Somebody call 4:14PM a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahmbulance the last week has caused too much winning!

Anonymous said...

And then because the IG was wrong...
despite any claims of no wrongdoing...
and lack of documented evidence of any work that Wilson performed for her payments besides lobbying to extend contracts...

The M&Os decided to give the government back $442,877 just to be nice.

Somebody call 4:14PM a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahmbulance there has been too much winning this week.

Anonymous said...

Stop losing and start winning!

If you want to win like these guys, send $1 to Happy Dude at 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield.

Anonymous said...

That's not a fine, dumb-ass, it was an unallowable cost. The labs PAID HEATHER WILSON the money she was owed out of fee. She didn't do ANYTHING wrong - she delivered and she got paid, didn't she? There were no follow-up actions by the IG, WERE THERE?

YOU were being dishonest by blaming Heather Wilson for something she did not do, weren't you?

Now the question, did some ugly Dimocrat tell you to lie about Heather Wilson or did you make up the lie all by yourself?

Anonymous said...

As far as "she delivered and she got paid"...

Per DOE/IG-0889 "we were unable to verify that all agreed-to services had been provided by HWC. As such, we questioned the allowability of the about $450,000 in payments by the four Department contractors."

As far as "There were no follow-up actions by the IG, WERE THERE?"...

Let me introduce you to the follow-up report DOE/IG-0927,

"Our inspection substantiated the allegation."

"We determined that these activities appeared to have violated United States Code (U.S.C.) and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) provisions prohibiting the use of Federal funds to influence members of Congress or Federal officials with regard to an extension of a contract."

The final follow-up action is that the LMC team with decades of experience in SNL's part of the enterprise was replaced at the height of activities of multiple major programs with a team that had to come out of retirement and is primarily made up of people who don't have any experience in SNL responsibilities.

Any payment to help retain the contracts seems to have backfired rather than been delivered.

If you have something to cite besides things you wish were true, then please share.

Anonymous said...

Now you are just lying. There was NO follow-up. No fines, no penalties. SNL agreed to pay Wilson NOT with Federal funds. WILSON DID NOTHING WRONG. END OF STORY.

There was NO action that resulted in the removal of Sandia's management, that's just another one of your putrid lies. How does anyone with half a brain know this? Sandia's new management team has several ex-LANL managers and NOT retired managers either. LANL also paid Heather Wilson. Why would the Gubm't dismiss the SNL managers for paying Wilson and then replace them with LANL managers who did the exact same thing?

Let's summarize. You lied multiple times. Heather Wilson did nothing wrong. There were NO fines as you so dishonestly claimed. LM did not lose their contract because of this.

You're two quarter brains short of having a half brain.

Anonymous said...

The poster at 8:35 PM seems to not know that the Sandia contract was set for rebid the day it was signed. Way before the IG report came out.

Anonymous said...

Guess the "END OF STORY" is that 11:42 needs a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahmbulance because the only things posted by 8:35 are from the DOE IG and the obvious fact that we know SNL's experienced team never had a chance to win because the NNSA knew from day one that they would get rid of LMC for this violation.

If HWC did anything she was paid for (or there were invoices documenting work that was delivered), then LMC would have "violated United States Code (U.S.C.) and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) provisions" but would have successfully lobbied the government to retain the contract.

When 11:42 stops with the lame personal attacks and tracks down a follow-up DOE IG report which says that the IG takes back their two previous reports because the M&Os successfully refuted anything, then we can all live in the same reality.

Anonymous said...

What are you, about 13 years old? Private companies hire consultants to help them get or retain Government contracts all the time. Listen up, Demmy, ALL THE TIME. It's perfectly legal. In fact, many Washington D.C. beltway companies earn their living consulting for private companies just like this.

Your claim that Heather Wilson violated the FARs is a FLAT LIE. As we all know, it's perfectly legal to do what she did. What THE COMPANY, Lockheed Martin or LANS for example, cannot do is charge that consulting fee to the Government. That's an unallowable cost. That's what the IG found, they found that SNL had unallowable costs. You wrote this in one of your previous posts, but you obviously didn't understand what YOU, YOURSELF wrote. Pathetic.

In response to the investigation, LM moved the costs from Government-billed to paid out of fee (private money). Once they did this, they were perfectly legal. The Gubm't no longer had ANY business questioning what Heather Wilson delivered or didn't deliver. Just like when Wall Street pays Owebama $400K for a crummy speech. The Gubm't can't say boo, that is, unless Wall Street tries to bill the Gubm't.

Did it escape your attention-deficit that NOTHING HAPPENED TO HEATHER WILSON? Why? Because, at no point did Heather Wilson do even one single thing wrong.

Why are you loudmouthed liberals so ignorant about every frickin' thing?


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