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Thursday, May 4, 2017

DOE budget

DOE's numbers in the finalized FY17 budget agreement to fund the government through September...

The Energy and Water bill provides $31.182 billion for DOE. This amount is $1.438 billion more than the fiscal year 2016 level. 


Nuclear Weapons: The bill provides $9.318 billion, which is $471 million more than the fiscal year 2016 level, for nuclear weapons activities. This amount will advance life extension programs for the B61 gravity bomb and the W76 and W88 submarine-launched warheads; invest in the science, technology and engineering needed to maintain a safe and secure stockpile without underground nuclear weapons testing; and upgrade or replace aging infrastructure, especially for uranium and plutonium activities. 

Scientific Discovery: The bill provides $5.392 billion, $42 million more than the fiscal year 2016 level, for the Office of Science. The Office of Science is the largest federal sponsor of basic research in the physical sciences, and supports 22,000 researchers at 17 national laboratories and more than 300 universities. The bill continues to advance the highest priorities in materials research, high performance computing and biology to maintain U.S. scientific leadership. 

Applied Energy Research and Development: The bill provides $4.311 billion for applied energy programs, $123 million more than the fiscal year 2016 level. This funding supports research, development, demonstration and deployment of an extensive range of clean energy technologies, including for nuclear, fossil and renewable energy applications, that keep the United States at the forefront of energy innovation. This amount includes $306 million for the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-E) to develop next-generation, innovative energy technologies. 

Nonproliferation: The bill provides $1.902 billion for nonproliferation activities that reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism. This amount will continue efforts to secure and permanently eliminate remaining stockpiles of dangerous nuclear and radiological materials around the world. The bill also invests in new technologies that can detect uranium and plutonium production activities in foreign countries. 

Naval Reactors: The bill provides $1.420 billion, which is $45 million more than the fiscal year 2016 level, for naval reactors. This amount includes $214 million to continue the design of a 40- year nuclear reactor core to power the Ohio-class submarine, and $124 million to refuel a research and training reactor in New York. 

Environmental Cleanup: The bill provides a total of $6.420 billion, $201 million more than the fiscal year 2016 level, for environmental cleanup activities across the DOE complex.

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