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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Another study about how to fix the DoE labs

Maybe, just maybe, someday a leader will act on the problems, and not continue to study them.
March 24, 2015 at 5:34 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
"Another study about how to fix the DoE labs"

How about getting a private company to run it? It could be made much more cost efficient have to live up to industry standards. Everyone wins.


Anonymous said...

Expanding the bureaucracy to manage problems created by the bureaucracy seems to be the most logical approach. Everybody wins!

Anonymous said...

These endless "fixing the labs" DOE studies all stacked up would make a pretty big pile. Like all the other studies, nothing will come of this one.

Makes nice kindling, however, for the winter months. It does have some use.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, but expectedly, it looks like there's nothing new in this report. Part of their stated charter was to review previous studies--it's sunk to the point where they're studying the studies.

Anonymous said...

Time to have a serious consolidation of the DOE lab enterprise. Let ORNL have all the energy work, Sandia have all the weapons work, and donate the others to any university willing to take them.

Anonymous said...

But the last one worked out so well

Anonymous said...

Sandia doesn't know s++t about nuclear explosives, so your plan fits right in with DOE motives.

Anonymous said...

Don't give up just yet. Plenty more official reports on the demise of the NNSA weapon labs are coming over the next few decades. Maybe one of them will finally be the one that changes everything!

Nah, probably not.

Anonymous said...

Not one mention of LANS and LLNS in the report. Were they dissolved? DOE/NNSA not acknowledging they created this two-headed monster. Interesting.

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