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Monday, March 9, 2015

UC/LLNL Staff Relations "Non-Disclosure Agreements

"How do past UC/LLNL Staff Relations "Non-Disclosure Agreements" (NDA) legally relate to LLNS and the comments below? Can all UC/LLNL NDAs be legally made public by a former UC/LLNL employee or a current LLNS employee, or a former employee of either?" 

"...An NDA is valid for the length of the term exploitly stated in it. This can vary considerably, but a term of 1-2 years is fairly common in fast moving industries.

If the company you signed an NDA with no longer exists, then there is no aggrieved party to sue you for breaking the contract. So even if the language of the NDA somehow allowed the NDA to continue in force, you have nothing to worry about.

Please note, that if the assets of the company or the company itself were purchased, then the NDA is almost certainly still enforceable by the new owners..."

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Anonymous said...

More importantly, if NDAs were signed by UC/LLNL management and employees prior to 10-1-07, is LLNS legally obligated to respect and uphold those NDA terms after they took over? NDAs can include modifications to salary, rank, leave, assignment, etc. with the hope of a "fresh start" by both parties, and to get beyond the workplace issues requiring the NDA in the first place.

If the terms of a NDA are significant, the involved managers would likely be in the spotlight for exercising "poor judgement" on an issue or several issues. These issues would then be acknowledged at least in a "no-fault" sense, by senior management in the form of a NDA. In the LLNS workplace climate, what happens to employees with UC/LLNL NDAs, and what latitude do the NDA involved managers have to harm those employees?

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