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Monday, March 23, 2015

Aon Hewitt news?

Has anyone heard more about the change from Aon Hewitt for retiree benefits? I saw a post weeks ago here, but I am waiting for details. I am out of the country and have little access to info. Saw article online on the Independent that there is a briefing on Monday, March 23 at the Bothwell theatre in Livermore. Is anyone planning on attending?


Anonymous said...

I too am wondering what was said at the meeting today and was unable to attend. Could some kind sole please give us a quick run down on the highlights of the meeting?

Anonymous said...

The new company Empyrean will be sending out a Welcome aboard package within the next few weeks.
The snail mail address for Empyrean will be on the envelope of the package so you may want to keep that as well as the contents.

If you are having premium payments pulled out automatically you will have to contact Empyrean and give the bank info to continue that method of payment.
Phone: 1-844-750-5567

For Security reasons the bank info could not be transmitted from AON/Hewiitt to the new company.

Phone & Web site will be operational April 1. For the web site your username is first initial, last name and last 4 digits of your Social Security number.

The temporary password is the 8 digits of your birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy). So all together it would look like:
jblow9876 07041776. You will be required to change the password on initial log on.

The web page is touted as the preferred contact method in the startup as they expect heavy phone traffic (and probably long hold times) on the phone for the first few weeks of April.

Two months premium will be billed in April, and is due 5/1/2015.

If you are paying for ARAG it will be lumped together with Empyrean. ARAG will stop auto billing and it will be 1$ less than what the monthly premium currently is.

I didn't follow closely since I'm not there yet, but the Medicare/One Exchange stuff didn't seem to be changing that much. The phone number for them is 1-866-682-4841.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Second to the thank you of 4:27!

Anonymous said...

Giving out this information on the internet is stupid.

Anonymous said...

"Giving out this information on the internet is stupid."

I'll bite, is it the URL link, the phone numbers or the general information stupid? It is what it is, intelligence is not part of that information.

If you are complaining about the username and temporary password, what would you suggest. And what ever you suggest needs to be a unique identifier. There may be more than one john smith, so something beyond that must make it unique. Possibly your employee number, but given some of the repeat questions I kept hearing I wonder if some of the folks attending would have been able to remember that as well.

You don't have to use the internet, they have a phone number. And the person on the other end will enter your information onto a computer and you will be "saved" from someone snooping a https connection, but unless the data is encrypted on the server (they imply they did so) then you are back in the same boat that you started.

It would have been nice if after the initial log on, the user could choose a new username as well as a new password, but they only allow (acutally force) the latter. Make it a strong password.

Or pay monthly by check and hope someone doesn't steal your payment off the mailbox and wash the check to put their name on it. And if they do steal your check, they have your bank information.

Anonymous said...

It's stupid because the above information needed to logon has been stolen from Anthem by recent hacking attacks.

Anonymous said...

"It's stupid because the above information needed to logon has been stolen from Anthem by recent hacking attacks. "

Only if the hackers know that the retiree is a former LLNL employee. Hay, you want to pay my healthcare premiums, hacker dudes and dudets, be my guests !

Anonymous said...

"I'll bite"

So it is , reeled up, beaten with a club, skinned, gutted, fried, eaten, and crapped out. The LANL way.

Lesson: do not bite the baited hook.


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