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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Age discrimination

I an experiencing age discrimination from my Group Leader. He's doing this in front of my co-workers, at meetings and privately. It's becoming more blatant every time we meet and it's affecting my self esteem and ability to focus on work.
Should I take this to HR or the attorneys?


scooby said...

Either way, you'd better have solid evidence or lots of corroborating testimony from your peers, or you will be signing your own pink slip. If you go to lawyers first, you will be accused of "bypassing normal available procedures for redress of grievances."

May 27, 2015 at 6:57 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Do not go to staff relations. They will pretend to be on your side but will go to work building a case for your dismissal. This will involve interviewing your coworkers as part of an investigation. Also, staff relations has the ability to get witnesses to change their stories. Remember, there is absolutely no situation in which the manager can be at fault. I was told this by a staff relations worker. At the very lest you will be ostracised for speaking out. This will probably affect your pay raises and ranking. Your only options are to accept the situation or quit.

May 27, 2015 at 4:10 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Or sue. Managers in a privately held company can be individually sued for defamation of character. Only the BOD is covered by the LLC mantle.

May 27, 2015 at 5:27 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Or move to another job at the Lab. Everyone should have a network of friends who have info on other possibilities, both at LLNL and on the outside of the fence.

Anonymous said...

Staff relations will interview your managers and tell you what they really think about you. You don't want to go there. Your manager's comments are probably just the tip of the iceberg. Then tell will destroy you. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Get out as fast as you can, to another area or company that appreciates you.

Another option is to get to the core of your managers issue. Dig in and get them to openly express the subject.
The idea here is to get their foot in their mouth so deep that your own peers turn them in.

I don't understand , would you elaborate on that?

You said I am too old to lead this area, would you explain what function I would not be good at?

Overall, ok. Would you give a specific example? Were they other people that you thought were too old to do this? Where did they go?

Gien the choice, Would you ever hire an older person like me? Why not?
What do you mean you dont want to discuss now. Would tomorrow at 2pm be a better time?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you just suck at your job and can't come to terms with it. More likely than not, your boss can recognize a job well done at face value. Stop playing the victim and get a clue.

Anonymous said...

You could complain via channels, which probably will go nowhere.

Or quit, just find another job that sucks less.

Or.... play along. All the while accumulating dirt on that boss. Then, when he pulls another stunt you trump him with your findings - making him not only shut up but change your salary upwards as compensation. Certainly not very moral, but LLNL is now run by mercenaries - you might as well be one too.

Anonymous said...

I use to work at LANL for the worst manager I've ever had the misfortune of running into. He was callous, indifferent, obtuse, and showed blatant favoritism to his friends. I came into the lab as a contractor and after a year I was offered a full time staff position with another group that I interviewed with. My group lead decided to single handedly destroy the opportunity. He made such a big fuss about it and created so much drama that group that was going to hire me contacted me and told me that they were not going to retract the offer but they really didn't want me anymore, and to make sure I wouldn't take the position they offered me a salary base 40% below what I was making as a contractor. I stayed on as a contractor for years after because I had a new baby and I could not be unemployed. Bottom line is QUITE, I work in the private sector now and love it. If your group lead doesn't like you that's the end of the line, go somewhere else cause it won't get better.I also didn't do anything about the momo because there are better opportunities elsewhere and I don't need anymore stress in my life than I already have. Remember its just a job, not the end all be all of existence

Anonymous said...

Age discrimination is pervasive and blatant at the NNSA labs.

Unfortunately, the managers have learned how to game the whole effort with great expertise. It usually starts with a slow but steady drop in your annual performance scores and then goes from there. The idea is to get rid of the older (i.e., more expensive) staff and replace them with cheaper, younger workers who don't get the same level of benefits. Proving it will be hard. Whatever you do, don't let your management know you are talking to your own lawyer. That will cause them to accelerate their efforts to find some cause to immediately fire you. Good luck.


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