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Friday, May 29, 2015

Yet more investigations at LANL

How many more high profile screw-ups can Charlie and crew survive before they are replaced? The track record is not trending good for the top brass, and this may have blown their last chance to pull it out.


Anonymous said...

McMillan is NOT going to pull out. He has entrenched himself behind the Lab's nuclear weapon mission. No one in Congress or NNSA is willing or has the fortitude to extract the SOB.

Anonymous said...

"Don't worry, it's all been taken care of very discreetly. Everything is awesome, you'll see."

- Charlie "Awesome" McMillan

Anonymous said...

Apparatchiks are impossible to dislodge from crumbling bureaucracies. They dig in, clinging by their talons to every available crevice. Like the mold in the showers of the decaying Central Ave SE motels.

Anonymous said...

Go Teflon Charlie! Don't give in! Stick it out until retirement!

Anonymous said...

My impression actually working at this laboratory is that the brilliance of Los Alamos died decades ago. Nobody really know how to do things right and safe. Nobody wants to follow the law ( regulations) because they feel it too expensive and they are better than that anyways. It is a culture that depends on brilliance where brilliance no longer exists.

Anonymous said...

3:50, you are proof positive.

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