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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

APS summary of some of the recent LANL screwups and new contract coming

Phys.Org 2017-06 Multibillion dollar los-alamos lab


Anonymous said...

APS is not associated in any way with

from the website: " is wholly owned by Omicron Technology Limited, headquartered in Douglas, Isle Of Man, United Kingdom. The website was founded in March 2004 by two PhD students motivated by the void in hard science news designed for informed and educated readers." ... "In 2005, Omicron Technology acquired"

Anonymous said...

Looks like a mirror cite to me. They just collect stories and post them. The Isle of Man thing is some kind of tax dodge, these guys are not actually on the Isle of Man speaking Manx to each other, just as all those banks are not actually in Bermuda or the Cayman Isle. Maybe there is a postoffice box but not actual headquarters or people.


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