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Friday, June 9, 2017

"Charliecloud" has arrived!!

LOS ALAMOS, N.M., June 7, 2017 -- At Los Alamos National Laboratory, home to more than 100 supercomputers since the dawn of the computing era, elegance and simplicity of programming are highly valued but not always achieved. In the case of a new product, dubbed "Charliecloud," a crisp 800-line code helps supercomputer users operate in the high-performance world of Big Data without burdening computer center staff with the peculiarities of their particular software needs.

"Charliecloud lets users easily run crazy new things on our supercomputers," said lead developer Reid Priedhorsky of the High Performance Computing Division at Los Alamos. "Los Alamos has lots of supercomputing power, and we do lots of simulations that are well supported here. But we've found that Big Data analysis projects need to use different frameworks, which often have dependencies that differ from what we have already on the supercomputer. So, we've developed a lightweight 'container' approach that lets users package their own user defined software stack in isolation from the host operating system."


Anonymous said...

Charlie is definitely in the "clouds", in fact he lives in a "different world".

Anonymous said...

You can tell Charlie is setting up his legacy with the Gallup poll, Charliecloud, .... Next, before he goes back to Livermore, is a 60 foot bronze statue of Charlie in front of the NSSB so that his legacy is "set in stone" for all future generations so see remember his glory and grand accomplishments as LANL's finest and most handsome LANL Lab Director in it's history.

Anonymous said...

Give Charlie credit for refusing to change, even in the face of overwhelming evidence that he is the worst Director in LANL's history. Recall his interview with a national news upon taking over when he bragged that he was the only person in the country that was qualified to be Director.

Anonymous said...

I interacted with Charlie just after he was appointed Weapons Program Director under Mara. He was arrogant, clueless, and kept looking at himself in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

The dye in the hair color and chemicals in Grecian Formula that Charlie "GQ" used to color his gray hair for years finally seeped into his brain to make him clueless and arrogant.

Unknown said...

Hi, this is Ron Minnich, former LANL/SNL and now an SWE in Google for 5.5 years, along with many other former Lab employees.

I read the paper and I think it's very nice work. The authors have a good understanding of current practices and put together a nice solution for their users, using a standard file format, built with Docker tools, but running on the nodes without using the Docker runtime. They are correct in pointing out that the Docker runtime comes with limitations that are worth avoiding.

Nice work all around, it's good to see LANL continuing to try new ideas. I met Reid when he (and I) were both much younger, and it's nice to see that he's done so well.

I also appreciate whimsical names, so I liked the name "Charlie Cloud."

Anonymous said...

Take a look at history and see how poor leaders that failed in a major way were always putting their names on buildings and such. Charlie probably sees this as a compliment to him, when the rest of the people see it for what it is as a pandering gesture to his outsize vanity.

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