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Friday, July 21, 2017

LANS ratings decline across the board under UC leadership

The FY 12 - FY 16 annual performance evaluation reports for LANL are on the NNSA web site and the trends in every area are not good. For example, GS started out with 'excellent' ratings, then fell to 'very good' and recently was just above operations at the bottom of the list. UC and Charlie and his best available leadership team just were not up to the job of running such a complex organization in an acceptable manner.


Anonymous said...

So here is odd factoid. Last week the singer for a popular rock/pop band Linkin Park Chester Bennington committed suicide at the age of 41. Strangely it turns out there was actually a connection between him and the NNSA labs. Back 2006 a Sandia National Laboratory employee used
lab computers to help her stalk Bennington and harass his family.


"Townsend is accused of obtaining copies of lead singer Chester Bennington's cell phone bill, the phone numbers he called and digital pictures taken with the phone, according to court documents.
Townsend, 27, was also able to hack into the e-mail of Bennington's wife and at one point called the former Playboy model and threatened her, court records state. Last month, Bennington's wife, Talinda, reported to federal authorities that someone had accessed their Verizon Wireless account online, according to a federal affidavit. She said she was concerned a "stalker" had access to personal information.
Federal authorities were able to determine the person accessing the account was using a Sandia Labs computer, the affidavit states. Agents eventually traced the computer to Townsend, a union employee who works in the technology and manufacturing group at the lab. Bennington also told federal authorities she had received two threatening phone calls in which an unidentified female called her a derogatory name and said, "I know where you live ... I watch your kids ... I have complete control of your life."
"Townsend, who worked in Sandia National Laboratories' technology and manufacturing group, used lab computers to access private information about Bennington and his wife, Talinda, from January 2006 to November 2006."
The thought of someone inside a top-secret nuke lab spending their days stalking a rock singer was ludicrous. The rock star who'd prided himself on his accessibility began to erect walls. He put in motion sensors. Bought a guard dog. Installed alarms on every window. Called his dad and brother — who were cops in Arizona — and asked them to help get his local police in California to keep an eye on his house. Chester considered hiring a personal assistant to do errands for him but balked. "That'd be another person in my life that I didn't know if I could trust," he told me.

The case was rather low key and seems limited to only local news. Imagine if this had happened at LANL it would have been blasted everywhere. In the end Sandia is that lab that jumps when DOE says jump, right? Remember Shawn Carpenter at Sandia, probably not.

Anonymous said...

WTF does this incoherent rant have to do with anything in the topic???


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