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Friday, July 14, 2017

Story on SNL/LANS

Even though the reporter gets parts of the story incorrect on who runs SNL and who is the majority partner at LANL, this article is a pretty damming view of the entire process that lead to creation of LANS.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Poorly researched. Poorly written. Mello and POGO are biased to undermine national defense and are unreliable sources. No other substantial source, no wirthw ile conclusion. More oversight by an ignorant or unqualified public or biased observers intent on stopping the effort will not improve operations. Neither Congress, nor DOE, nor NNSA are very competent in this matter, nor interested.

So effective operations comes from an effective contract design, dedicated management and employees.

But when these knowledgable folk carry on with best practices, they will be accused of being "arrogant" another word for independent by lab detractors trying to control them.

Nuclear weapons are a tough place. Takes thick skinned, durable men and women to carry on

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