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Sunday, July 2, 2017

LANL O&M Contract Pre-Solicitation


Anonymous said...

NNSA continues to destroy the labs with another ineffective attempt to improve them. Fools.

The single improvement NNSA leadership could make to improve the labs is mass suicide. Last time round would have been much better if Bodman, Prtzbylek and DiAgostino committed suicide prior to the process.

Anonymous said...

Some rumors are going around now that up a dozen different teams are interested in LANL. Seems like a lot to me but this could mean that LANL is staying for profit. After the last round many companies have seen this as just free money with no down side whatsoever. Another rumor, well you just have to look around to confirm this, is that the higher level lab managers are not around anymore as they are now forming teams, being included in teams or looking for new jobs. Argonne and OakRidge just turned down some LANL managers hoping to jump ship. Lots of talk about "optimal positioning" getting "the best negotiating leverage wedge" and "contract offensiveness". I have no idea what half of these terms even mean but they are being thrown out as if everyone is in complete agreement.

I am not sure what to make of this as every year the management takes a beating in the fee evaluations so you you would think NNSA they might want fresh people in, however you have to also consider that the NNSA always wants to take path of least resistance and least work. My prediction is that the old Sandia management will move in, along with a good chunk of the old LANL management. Something has to be done with the Sandia managers that got thrown out as the system is too inbreed not place them somewhere. I caution those who think things are going to suddenly improve under the new contract we may just end up with the same guys again.

Anonymous said...

Whatever happens, count on Charlie "GQ" McMillan remaining as LANL Director for many more years to come.

Hats may change style but the monkeys who wear them will mostly be the same. Monkeys are crafty creatures.

Anonymous said...

How depressing.

Anonymous said...

One thing that's easy to predict is that Charlie will be out. He has as much chance of returning as Nanos or the Ewok.

Anonymous said...

If Younger can "return", so can Mikey !

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