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Friday, July 14, 2017

North Korea activity - not good!!

It seems that North  Korea has been making more SNM than estimates assumed. Combined with recent missile tests this does not bode well.

Reuters: North Korea may have more bomb fuel than thought - U.S. think tank


Anonymous said...

Why is it that whenever there's a post on this blog that bears directly on the weapon labs' mission and has true national security implications that should get the attention of every LLNL and LANL staff member, no one here cares? Doesn't meet the whining and complaining threshold for comment? Not anti-management enough? Or, possibly, there really aren't all that many posters here, and none of them are actively involved with or employed at the labs?

Anonymous said...

Here's the direct link to the Johns-Hopkins (38 North) article:

Anonymous said...

It may have more, it may not have more. It doesn't really matter a lot, since one bomb is enough to change the world, though not in their favor.

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