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Sunday, June 18, 2017

llnlthetruestory welcomes Evil Echo

llnlthetruestory welcomes Evil  Echo as a co-moderator and contributor to the blog.  His help is greatly appreciated!


Anonymous said...

And you thought Scooby was a bad moderator!

Anonymous said...

Evil Echo deletes posts just because he doesn't like them. Scooby, you got duped.

Anonymous said...

"Evil Echo deletes posts just because he doesn't like them."

Than put a post he does like. We cool now?

Anonymous said...

Who is here to have their opinions aired? Evil Echo? Scooby? The readers? Take your pick and ask yourself if it makes sense.

Anonymous said...

We are used to "evil" (i.e. LANS) at LANL, bring it on.

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