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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Anonymous comments and posts: has the time come?


The Blog moderation team want to get your opinion on discontinuing anonymous posting. See upcoming poll.
Such type of posting encourages meaningless and inflammatory remarks and bravery. In addition, the team wants to be able to track and block any posters who violate blog rules. It is the team's intention to improve the contents of this BLOG and make it a platform for intelligent debate.
For those of you fearing "retaliation" for expressing your opinion, don't worry. You can create a gmail id  which does not reveal your identity.


Scooby and Evil Echo.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! By all means let's do all that we can to make this blog truly boring.

Anonymous said...

Nope. Too risky. Retaliation.

Anonymous said...

What? Anonymous GMail IDs to replace anonymous posting? What would prevent a banned poster from creating another GMail ID?

Evil Echo said...

No matter what, do register your vote. Scooby and I do want an honest report of feelings on which way to go with the blog.

Anonymous said...

End of anonymity = end of blog. Except for the fond of themselves and willing to display it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, end of anonymity = end of true thoughts and opinions and freely shared information = end of blog. Untraceable gmail accounts are not an end of anonymity, but won't accomplish anything either, since it's not hard to create a new gmail account after your old one is banned.

scooby said...

Now when you refer to someone you use date&time. Wouldn't be better to use names?

scooby said...

Anonymity encourages useless and inflammatory remarks. Evil Echo and I spend lots of time cleaning up.

Anonymous said...

Vote! Go to upper right corner of home page.

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