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Sunday, August 13, 2017

They do this every place they go.

Ok UC lead the labs for 60 year and things worked very well. LLNS and LANS lead the labs for 10 years and total and complete disaster. What is the new ingredient...Bechtel. The cultural change of turning the labs into money making scams is the Bechtel MO. There is plenty of books on this
and they have this down to an art form. They take over and leverage every possible profit they can out of a place and yes they pay off the upper managers. They do this every place they go.


Anonymous said...

LANL was flawless in all regards from the day it opened until the terrible day that Bechtel showed up. UC ran the place perfect and there never was any problem - not a single one. After Bechtel showed up, the wheels came completely off and it has been one disaster after another. All this is Bechtel's fault - all of it. The only way to make things right again is to put UC back in charge. Then all would be just fine.

Anonymous said...

Baaaaahhaaaaaahaaaaa. Bechtel only joined this disaster as a favor to UC to give them a credible "second chance" with the NNSA. Bechtel has had a presence and interest in the UC system for generations and still maintains headquarters in California. I bet Bechtel won't make this mistake again in the next bid.

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