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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Senator asks NNSA about PF-4 operational status...

Senator asks NNSA about PF-4 operational status and requests clarity on who paid for 3+ year stand down of work.

Good luck in getting the M&O contractor to pay for their screwups!


Anonymous said...

Not operating PF-4 is a National disgrace for the incumbent M&O and that probably is why the draft RFP was so blunt in setting it up that any of the current institutional partners in LANS and any of the current key personnel in LANS will have a very substantial negative penalty assigned to them should some new team attempt to include them on a rebid effort. Among the long list of failures of LANS this one seems to have had the most significant impact on how NNSA has structured the new contract competition.

Anonymous said...

PF-4 needed to be shutdown.

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