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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Time to get serious

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's time to get serious about modernizing US nuclear weapons, from the laboratories and explosive packages to the delivery systems and the command and control systems


Anonymous said...

Time to get serious!!!!

It is time to get serious about the tremendous opportunities. We have to keep it for profit and we have to set the terms of of the contract. There could be more money than ever for less work than ever! There could be more positions that ever, PAD, SPAD, SUPADS, ULTRPADS, and SPECIAL Centurions positions. New offices, cars, travel, a LANL plane or helicopter, a managers only on site club, a special building in DC for month long stays, more retreats, chauffeur service, extra staff to meet manager needs, 8 level bonus systems, regular bonus, term bonus, achievement bonus, buddy bonus, year one bonus, year N bonus, double bonus and OT8 bonus. Also a new buy in session where people can pay extra money to learn the secrets of success at LANL. How about a LANL cruise ship for summer long manager retreats, SS Hubris. Clothing allowances, you have to look like manager before you are a manager, monthly manager team gurus like Tony Robbins, fire walking, transcendental meditation, manager yoga, a managers only car port, and visualize success programs where the s is spelled $. They sky is the limit but do you have the guts to go for it?

Yes it is time to get serious for those who are serious about winning. Are you in or are you out! NNSA has no idea what they are doing and are looking for someone anyone for guidance. The winning bid team can be the leader that the NNSA needs and the leader can set his/her own terms, now is the time to act before this deal expires. The last contract change taught us that big money can be made and the ultimate lesson learned is that even bigger money can be made this time around so lest go for it!

Anonymous said...

Time for another meeting at the Grove.

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