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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Bechtel was never worth a damn

UC is a far cry from it's former glory. Bechtel was never worth a damn. Given that, I'm sure the NNSA will find new and creative ways to encumber scientists with additional Government bureaucracy while putting inept Beltway bandits in charge of the US nuclear weapons enterprise.


Anonymous said...

OK. Next.

Anonymous said...

Bechtel baby it's BECHTEL BABY! It is $$$, attituuude, instinct, and winning. You get it or you get out, go big or go home. It is worldwide and dropping the mic, doing victory laps and then some... It is Bechtel Baby you know it or you don't. It is going for the midterm get in for 5-10 years, get the spoils and move on to the next and the next after that, but place some operatives for the slow long term FUNNEL. It is Bechtel Baby, play it, do it, win it, live it, cash it in and f* it. It is Vibrant, UNREAL, contagious, ALIVE,... it is the VUCA many times over and under. It bribes the natives, moves mountains, build tunnels, and is essential, it follows the money, grabs it by the, well you know, and the money lets Bechtel grab it by the. It is Bechtel baby!!! There is no ??? to it nor can there be because it is essential. Bechtel baby, you get it you or you don't and some have gotten it very very very well and played it well and made the money.

OK, now??

Anonymous said...

The Profiteers: Bechtel and the Men Who Built the World
by Sally Denton

Sally Denton is an investigative reporter, author, and historian who writes about the subjects others ignore—from a drug conspiracy in Kentucky to organized crime in Las Vegas; from corruption within the Mormon Church to the hidden history of Manifest Destiny; from one of America’s bitterest political campaigns to the powerful forces against Franklin D. Roosevelt. She has received the Guggenheim Fellowship, the Woodrow Wilson Public Scholar Fellowship, and the Black Mountain/Kluge Fellowship. She is the author of, among others, The Money and the Power, American Massacre, The Bluegrass Conspiracy, and The Profiteers: Bechtel and the Men Who Built the World.

Anonymous said...

The real problem is NNSA. They are incompetent customers.

Anonymous said...

NNSA IS a problem. UC's poor quality managers too. Bechtel, they are incompetent but they're only a minor player. Blaming Bechtel is like blaming a hangnail for your mental illness.

Anonymous said...

The problems with LANL are overwhelmingly those derived from the enduringly incompetent buffoons that populate the UC management ranks. In fact there are some failures where Bechtel gets minor blame, but in those instances the company acted swiftly to remove and replace the managers.

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