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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Question for Goldstein.

While gone a week on vacation, the blog has erupted with comments that split equal parts pro-UC/anti-Bechtel and anti-UC/pro-Bechtel. Sure this is all driven by the LANL contract, but those of us here at LLNL still work under the exact same partnership, with the exact same Board of Governors. 

Will the impending family divorce of the partners at LANL have a cascading impact on LLNL operations, employees and retirees?

It would be good if Bill put out a statement that clarified this situation for all.


Anonymous said...

I hope you are joking. One, he has no idea, no one does. Two, if he did, he wouldn't say anything publicly.

Anonymous said...

LLNL will not have an example to follow. It used to be that what happens at LANL is repeated at LLNL. No longer. There will be turbulence. Poor Goldstein would not know the answer to your question.

Anonymous said...

When mommie and daddy fight, the children suffer most.

Anonymous said...

Goldstein and other current managers like him were hired at the peak of the Star Wars (SDI) program.
When that program finished there was nothing to do with these people except make them managers.
Don't expect much.


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