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Friday, October 18, 2013

How did you spend your day?

How did you spend your non-programmatic work days leading up to the 1-day shut down?


Anonymous said...

I peer reviewed a manuscript and worked on a class I am taking to improve my SKAs.

Anonymous said...

Did programmatic work on my Monday holiday. Then Tuesday & Wednesday did office clean-up and filed 200 MB of emails out of my InBox.

Anonymous said...

I went up to Georgetown and rode my dirt bike with a couple great friends who are retired Labbies.
Great weather, great friends, great trails and a much needed distraction from the harmful desires of crazy people.

Anonymous said...

Laughing at how many stupid people we have in the world who think the US can keep going in debt living on a false economy and it won't collapse. It will be sad for many when it does but lets just hope it's a lesson learned for the next generation. The problem is this collapse won't be as nice as the last depression. This one will make the old on look like a walk in the park.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the next dose of sequestration will be going through on Jan 1st, so prepare for even more cut-backs and head count reductions at all the labs for FY2014 and probably every year thereafter.

You might want to "spend you day" polishing up your resumes and search the job ads.

Anonymous said...

October 21, 2013 at 8:44 PM

So they are going to wait until Jan 1st, 2014 to clean house or have it all doe before Dec 25th, 2013? Normally they want to start the new year with a new population / head count.

Alien Visiting Scientist said...

Worked on the Nonlinear Polariton Drive - parts are all over the garage floor next to the MIG welder.

Anonymous said...

Careful - thr fragistat is sentitive to magnetic fields

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