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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

LANL: 6,866 employees, 1,115 vehicles

LANL: 6,866 employees, 1,115 vehicles According to the IG report, the odds are pretty good for a job perk to be a government car.


Anonymous said...

LANL is a very big place subject to foul weather. It is no Google campus.

Walking, in many cases, is inefficient. Bicycles are dangerous on ice. Using private autos on site for business purposes brings reimbursement and liability issues.

A few-time visitor to LANL.

Anonymous said...

According to this at least one of the vehicles is a mount for a gatling gun, and might not get driven around much other than to the firing range for some use by the girlfriends of the guards.

Anonymous said...

It was once said many years ago (before lab property was closely tracked) that LANL had supplied most of the power tools used in the homes throughout the Espanola Valley. Lots of the power tools at the lab somehow got "lost" on a continual basis.

Looks like that has now been upgraded to cars!

Anonymous said...

Wow, LANL has less than 7000 employees? It has really downsized over the last few years!

LANL had over 10,000 employees before the LANS take-over in 2006. Even more startling, the staff downsizing at LANL is probably far from over.

Anonymous said...

LANL as well as LLNS have downsized considerably since we went 'private'. It has been a downward spiral since Bechtel and Co. took over. And it will continue. No longer 'rock solid' places to work. I miss the UC days.

Anonymous said...

External LANL webpage says:

Total employees, 10,312

Los Alamos National Security, LLC, 6,866
SOC Los Alamos, 381
Contractors, 774
Students, 799
Unionized craft workers, 709
Post doctoral researchers, 411
Other, 472

I get a total of 10,412 from those numbers. Math is hard.

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