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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Sandia cannot use vacation days during shutdown

Sandia had an all hands meeting today where lab director Paul Holmert said SNL is shutting down Oct 21, and we will be paid until Oct 25. After Oct 25, nobody will receive pay and vacation can't be used when on furlough to continue getting paid. Benefits like medical are only paid up until early Nov, and will lapse if the shutdown drags on longer than that. In short, now is a good time to find another job in the private sector with better pay and similar or better job security.


Anonymous said...

California Labor laws state accrued benefits are a right of property, and connot be taken away post facto or denied access to. If NNSA does this to a CA lab a class action lawsuit could happen, for damages, not just wages. Foolish thinking. The only reason NNSA would deny earned benifits would be to support a political agenda.

Anonymous said...

Sandia CA should be shut down.

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