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Monday, October 7, 2013

How long?

How long will LLNL or LANL or Sandia be able to stay open using carryover funds?


Anonymous said...

Dont know , but we are about to find out huh?

Anonymous said...

McMillan stated he has 10-weeks of reserve or about $450M. However, LANS can declare a furlough at any time they deem necessary.

Anonymous said...

So, since LANS and LLNS are the same LLC for all practical purposes, is LLNS going to borrow from LANS to keep LLNL open?

Anonymous said...

This is probably a "practical purpose" for which LANS and LLNS are distinct separate LLCs

Anonymous said...

I smell another VSP coming soon to reduce the ranks at both LLNL and LANL.

The drastic cuts to lab severance accumulations that were implemented last time will make any VSP much cheaper to implement this time.

And additional cuts to severance that will soon be implemented after this next VSP will make it even cheaper to implement another round of voluntary layoffs in 2015.

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