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Monday, October 28, 2013

WHere is th eletter from Pattiz?

Looks like the letter to employees from Pattiz got lost in the threads. Maybe someone would post it again.


Anonymous said...

October 24, 2013
Dear Members of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) Community:

I am writing to let you know that Parney Albright has informed the Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC (LLNS) Board of Governors that he is stepping down as Laboratory Director and LLC President at the end of the month to pursue some of his broader interests and contributions to the U.S. national security enterprise. Parney has served as the eleventh Laboratory Director and second LLC President since December 2011, and his two-year commitment to the LLNS Board to lead the Laboratory is nearing an end. He has been a strong advocate and spokesman for expanding the contributions of LLNL to the entire spectrum of national security missions and has brought about significant advancements in how the Laboratory executes work for interagency sponsors. Parney has also been a transformational force for a more integrated Laboratory, with synergistic collaborations between Lab programs in the execution of key missions. Recent successes at NIF exemplify the power of such cross-directorate collaborations. The LLNS Board respects and accepts Parney’s decision and appreciates his contributions to the nation, the LLC and the Laboratory.

A national search for a new Laboratory Director and LLC President will be conducted under the leadership of the University of California (UC). Employee and stakeholder input will be actively solicited. In the interim, the LLNS Board of Governors has approved the appointment of Bret Knapp, Principal Associate Director for Weapons Programs at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), as Acting Laboratory Director and LLC President effective November 1, 2013. Bret is no stranger to Livermore, having worked at LLNL for 26 years in programmatic roles of increasing responsibility. He was a critical member of the UC/Bechtel senior management team that was selected to lead LANL. Bret is an energetic and passionate leader with 33 years of combined experience between the two Labs. He has built strong, effective relationships within the laboratory community, DOE/NNSA, DoD, industry, and academia. He values and is committed to institutional teamwork, scientific, programmatic and operational excellence, openness and partnership. Bret’s appointment as Acting Laboratory Director has the support of the LLNS and Los Alamos National Security, LLC Boards of Governors, LANL Director Charlie McMillan, the University of California, and the DOE/NNSA.

Please join me in expressing our appreciation and gratitude to Parney for his service to the country and to LLNL and in welcoming Bret as Acting Laboratory Director and LLC President. As LLNL enters its next phase of outstanding service to the nation, I hope you will join me in supporting Bret in his leadership role until a permanent Laboratory Director is appointed.

Norman J. Pattiz
LLNS Board of Governors

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a load. Are there two Bret Knapps?

Anonymous said...

No, there is one original Bret Knapp and one cloned.

Anonymous said...

So who is this guy who promotes, "excellence, teamwork, openness, science, and industrial and academic partnerships"? It sure isn't the Bret Knapp known for promoting, "cronyism, self-interest, corporate profits, ego, and phony agendas." That latter guy is well known in Los Alamos. Of course what should we expect from a media mogul like Pattiz? At stake? National Security.

Anonymous said...

In the honesty category, I group the LLNS board with realtors and lawyers...

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