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Friday, January 2, 2015

More on the return of Tyler Pryzbylek

Back from the holidays just in time to see this lovely post below from the Los Alamos Daily Post article. The paragraph below in the news article is classic! It's standard operating procedure for many lab managers to totally ignore the policy directives which LANS constantly berates the general staff to obey:

"After the holiday break, Ms. Coyne again inquired about the status of any investigation of the assault. Defendant McGuire seemed annoyed and told her she should just forget about the incident. When Ms. Coyne persisted, pointing out that LANL policies required that incidents of workplace violence be taken seriously, McGuire told Ms. Coyne that she was just making trouble and that she needed to “let it go.” Ms. Coyne continued to insist that the assault by Ms. Little be dealt with appropriately, but nothing was done at that time."

And even more classic was this post from above:

"Tyler Pryzbylek was rehired by NNSA. Load the shotguns." (11:20 pm)

Amazing! The DOE/NNSA's former lawyer, Mr. "Substantially Equivalent", returns to the NNSA bureaucracy. What lies will he spout out to lab employees this time around when LLNL and LANL contracts get rebid? And what happened with his last lucrative job as an executive with one of the NNSA contractors? The revolving door is spinning ever faster.


Anonymous said...

LANS makes the #1 slot for the company with the worst corporate integrity in the story below. It involves the James E. Doyle case in which even the DOE bureaucracy could no longer stomach the sleazy activities and back-stabbing efforts of LANS executives!

Heckavajob, Charlie! Bonuses for all the LANS managers for this new lab "achievement":


The Center's best national security stories from 2014

#1. What happens when a nuclear weapons lab employee criticizes the nuclear arms race?

In 2013, former nuclear policy specialist James E. Doyle published an article criticizing the nuclear arms race and defending President Obama's nuclear-free goals. Information in the article, which was reviewed and declared unclassified by Los Alamos National Laboratory, where Doyle worked, has since been declared classified, used to dock Doyle's pay and eventually cost Doyle his job. Experts, including a senior Department official, harbor suspicions that the classification was used to punish Doyle for his critique.

The Center for Public Integrity - Jan 1st, 2015

Integrity? LANS doesn't know the meaning of the word.

Anonymous said...

We're Number One !!!! We're Number One !!!!

- - - - at poor corporate integrity.

Guess some more mandatory online training and reams of new policies (which managers can safely ignore) are immediately required to CYA-ize this situation.

Anonymous said...

How are these posts tied to the return of Tyler Pryzbylek? Mister "Substantially Equivalent in the Aggregate" cost me 30% of my UC Retirement due to his engineered LLNL transition from UC to Bechtel. He was also responsible for increasing the cost of medical to all LLNL UC Retirees. This guy has done more to destroy the Weapons Complex then any foreign adversary!

Anonymous said...

Tyler came back because he could not hack it in the "real world". I imagine he also got a "preference" to return as a "Fed". The guy is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Charlie McMillan stays on as LANL Director and Tyler Pryzbylek suddenly comes back aboard at NNSA?

Whopeeeeee! Let's ride this thing until the wheels all fall off. How long until Pete Nanos decides he can come back, too? Any day now...

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