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Friday, January 16, 2015

2014 fellows of the American Physical Society

2014 fellows of the American Physical Society were announced recently.

Here a count from DOE labs...

LLNL - 10
LBNL - 9
LANL - 9
Argonne - 5
Brookhaven - 3
Fermi - 3
PNNL - 3
Jeff Lab - 2
ORNL - 2
SLAC - 1
SNL - 1


Anonymous said...

Yea I mentioned this last year and they worked on it this year. Check last year as it tells a different story.

Anonymous said...

Fellowships for the labs are 100% politics, which vary from year to year. This was a good year for LLNL, others were not so good.

Anonymous said...

"Fellowships for the labs are 100% politics, "

Everything is political so what is your point?

Anonymous said...

To make your veins bulge, angry man.

Anonymous said...

I startling fact is that Sandia National Laboratories just received one 2014 fellows. I know, I know SNL is the Engineering Lab. Oh, BS I worked there, they are a Physics Lab "wanna be".

Anonymous said...

Their time will come. Probably next year, after a certain someone complains that SNL is under-represented.

Anonymous said...

Sandia came in last probably because three Vice Presidents of technical divisions at Sandia National Laboratories do not have a Ph.D.: Hruby, Walker, Vahle. To my knowledge, these are the first ever Vice Presidents without a Ph.D. in Science or Engineering to lead techical divisions at Sandia.

Adam Rowen (manager of the Materials Chemistry department) from Sandia National Laboratories does not have a Ph.D.

Anonymous said...

Irrelevant to anything except your twisted obsession.

Anonymous said...

APS fellowships are based on what happened 10-20 years ago.

Yeah, LLNL was winning 20 years ago. Not anymore.

Expect that list to turn upside down over the next 10-20 years.


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