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Monday, January 5, 2015

RIF question

It seems like there was some change in the RIF policy made in 2013 and right after this a number of people where let go and continue to be let go. Does anyone know the details of this? I seem to recall that it was discussed before and in the recent lawsuit mentioned on this blog by it says that the person was terminated a week after this change was put into place.


Anonymous said...

California WARN act says they can lay off less than 50 people per 30 day rolling period. The details are in the employee handbook, but it amounts to, they can do what they want. If your AD and Staff Relations agree that you are not going to find work as an EBA, you're out the gate. If you are a term employee, the bar is even lower.

Anonymous said...

If you are sent to the EBA list and your management does not like you, you are screwed. That happened to a lot of people over the last two years.

Anonymous said...

"... If your AD and Staff Relations agree that you are not going to find work as an EBA, you're out the gate..."

Sometimes before the employee is an EIT or EBA I would add. To make your observation float, may require varying levels of collusion within the AD's Management chain, Programs, Staff Relations, SHRM, and all the way to the Director himself. Staff Relations being the conductor of such an orchestra.

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