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Friday, January 2, 2015

The return of Tyler Pryzbylek

Tyler Pryzbylek was rehired by NNSA. Load the shotguns.


Anonymous said...

Gee, when will Capt'n Tom D'Agostino return, too?

D'Agostino was the sole person that NNSA used to determine the contract winner in the bidding contest which selected LANS as the contractor for LANL. Soon after that event, he moved up to the top position at NNSA.

After the LANL lab contract, Tom's BFF, Tyler Pryzbylek, was the sole person that NNSA used to select LLNS as the prime contractor for LLNL.

No committee or "peer review" was used in selecting the nuclear weapon lab contractors. Only the single vote of these two men was used. That, in and of itself, should have raised serious red flags with the GAO IG regarding the honest competition of federal lab contractor winners.

To see a slick lawyer like Tyler Pryzbylek now being allowed back into a lead position over at NNSA is very disheartening.

Tyler Przybylek said...

I am not being rehired by NNSA, not I have received any preferential treatment form NNSA on anything.

After my retirement in 2008 from govenrment service I didnot hold an executive position with any NNSA contractor.

Finally, I recognize that we have had disagreements in the past but I have never lied to any of you.

Anonymous said...

The previous posting was substantially equivalent to the truth

Anonymous said...

Tyler Pryzbylek personally caused great damage to both weapons laboratories.

His name lives in infamy in the weapons complex.

He is hated.


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