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Monday, January 19, 2015

retirement incentive" in FY2016 at LLNL?

Taken from NNSA Head Warns of Budget Cuts:

So, can I look forward to a "retirement incentive" in FY2016 at LLNL?
Anyone want to weigh in on this one!


Anonymous said...

Yes, your incentive is, get out before you have to pay even more to stay in TCP1, and maybe before the lab lays you off.

Anonymous said...

100% of LANS employees will "retire" next year when the current contract ends. It is just a question of how many of them will be rehired by whatever group wins the upcoming contract competition.

Anonymous said...

Here's your "retirement incentive": Get out and take retirement when they announce the next VSP and the incentive will be that you get to keep what's left of your retirement medical benefits. Stay on and you get no retirement medical.

Any VSP to reduce the employee headcount at the labs in the future will having nothing but sticks, no carrots.


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