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Friday, January 2, 2015

LANS lost a year earned earlier

LANS lost a year earned earlier

Short and sweet letter nails 35M loss in fee and pulls back termination date of contract.


Anonymous said...

Not a word about this minus 1 year loss in the LANS contract in Charlie "GQ" McMillan's recent memo to employees. The memo was all "fabulous work" and "keep up your great effort" type stuff.

Strange, that?

Anonymous said...

NNSA has now gathered ample ammunition to ensure that LANS is removed from future lab contracts. They'll be booted out as a strong message to the rest of the LLCs managing the weapons complex. It's done and over.

Who will be the replacement for LANS at LANL is anyone's guess. Expect the current crew of LANS executives to begin jumping ship at the first sign they can. They'll begin going out to the next predicted contract "winner" to help write a new winning bid so they can continue being rewarded.

The crew running LANS will not give up their lucrative compensation easily. The rewards for helping write a winning bid with Bechtel was very profitable for those who went out to Bechtel HQ in SanFran back in 2005. Those at LANL who helped write the LANS winning bid were *all* moved into top positions as PADs within a few years of the contract hand-over. Their loyalty isn't to LANS, though. It's to a very nice paycheck and perks.

Anonymous said...

At least the grading process used by the NNSA is "Fair and Balanced".

The grades given to the labs are carefully determined and provide a clear assessment their contributions.

The caring and cooperative involvement of the NNSA assures ample opportunity for the labs to succeed.

Thanks NNSA. Your the best...

Anonymous said...

Just about everyone agrees that the current contract is a failure, including the partners at this stage. Whatever the follow on for LANL, you can be sure that there will be zero overlap in senior staff from the current debacle. Even if one or more of the partners are involved in the subsequent contract, it will be a complete turnover in managers.

It will have to be this way, otherwise DoE will not accept it. The WIPP failure has now eclipsed Rockey Flats, and each and every PAD, AD and all their minions must go.


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