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Thursday, May 9, 2013

VSIP in the news Lawrence Livermore lab looking for voluntary layoffs LIVERMORE -- To prepare for projected budget challenges in 2014, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory is offering buyouts to as many as 600 workers willing to take a voluntary layoff. The Self-Select Voluntary Separation Program plan was announced by lab Director Parney Albright at an "all-hands" meeting with employees Wednesday. In that scenario, the lab would pay qualified employees a severance package of one week of salary per year of service for up to 26 weeks. The program began Wednesday and is being offered to all career full-time employees until May 23. "This is a Fiscal Year 2014 pre-emptive strike if you will," said lab spokeswoman Lynda Seaver. "We received the budget proposal, and even with the way it stands, we're going to have some challenges with our workforce." According to Seaver, as currently drawn up, President Barack Obama's budget request for Fiscal Year 2014 allocates $1.48 billion to the lab. Factoring in sequestration, Seaver said the figure represents about a 10 percent cut from the lab's 2013 budget. The next fiscal year begins Oct. 1. Albright said that by implementing the voluntary program now, the lab would get a jump on what is expected to be an "uphill battle in Congress this summer, with continuing debates about reducing federal spending, a possible FY14 sequester and the debt ceiling," according to a news release. After the application deadline and an eight-day review process, exits from the lab are scheduled for June 13. Employees who apply and are approved can collect the payouts in a lump sum or through bi-weekly payments. Employees who have been approved and change their minds have seven days to rescind. Seaver said the lab has "no target" for how many jobs must be eliminated or dollars saved through voluntary layoffs. "This is a voluntary separation," Seaver reiterated. "We're hoping enough people apply." Although not in play now, involuntary layoffs are not off the table, Seaver said. After the voluntary separations are done, the lab will review its staffing situation, she said. The voluntary separation program was approved by the National Nuclear Security Administration.


Anonymous said...

Move 'em out.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just saw that LLNL lost the first wrongful termination lawsuit over the 2009 layoffs. Five folks won, 140 to go:

Anonymous said...

When the involuntary layoffs come, hopefully they will have learned from their last layoff, and illegal actions; oh wait, they rewrote the policy. What is it now? I don't like the way you look, you are gone.

Anonymous said...

What's the new layoff policy?

The wording was loosened such that anything can be a reason for a RIF.

What is MUCH worse, is that they inserted a requirement that you must sign a "waiver" in order to receive any severance pay. They will not divulge the contents of the waiver until you are RIFd. But it's reasonable to assume that it says "I waive all rights to sue LLNS for any reason." I hope that somebody who takes the VSP will post the contents, so we'll know.

Anonymous said...

May 13, 2013 at 12:30 PM

If you take the SSVSP you should not be considering suing the lab anyway. The SSVSP should be looked at as a saving grace not a forced retirement. Be happy, you could be one of the fools who are sticking around waiting to be ISP'd in hopes LLNS screws up only so you can get your 24 months of unemployement and become a parasite to society.

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