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Thursday, December 8, 2016

401k performance since Nov 8th

  1. I realize this isn't strictly about the Labs, but I think it's Lab-related in that I'm sure many blog readers are in a similar financial boat wrt deferred tax retirement investments.

    How is your 401K, 403B, etc. doing since November 8? Of course we represent a variety of investment approaches, but in general I would expect people's portfolios to be noticeably up. Mine is not (about 70/30 stock/bond split, fairly conservative but with one slice in a more speculative fund...ALL are a bit down over the last month despite significant gains in all major stock indices in the last month).

    Just curious what others in a similar boat are experiencing.

    Not particularly interested in Trump/Hillary/transition/LLC/etc. harangues, but empirically that would seem inevitable. I'll ignore and just pay attention to people who answer the question posed, with thanks in advance.
  2. If you are mostly into broad-based domestic funds I don't understand how you could be missing the current rally. If you are heavy into sector funds like precious metals, health care, certain emerging markets, bond funds, then maybe not. Or you could be in actively managed funds that are not keeping up with the major indexes.


Anonymous said...

Pretty easy for you to develop your own metric. Pick a broad bond fund like Vanguard (AGG) and a broad stock fund like Vanguard Totsl market. (VTI). Find the daily quotes for both for the peripd of interest. Combine the two in propotion with your asset allocation. Compare this metric to yours. Don't fogret to add Dividend ditributions as they are recived.

If you dont like yours, invest in these, Or something close.

Anonymous said...

Unless your bonds were heavily weighted toward long maturities, and thus most impacted by the interest rate rise, then hard to see how you haven't seen some benefit from the stock rises. But who knows what will happen next.

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