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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Trump's 74 questions sent to DOE:

Full list of Trump's 74 questions sent to DOE:


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Whoever did the asking knows little about the DOE bureaucracy.

Anonymous said...

Said like a true bureaucrat. Whomever did the asking only needs to know one thing about bureaucracy: there is too much of it and heads need to roll.

Anonymous said...

74 questions to DOE and not one on its nuclear weapons program - which is over 40% of DOE's budget. Trump doesn't even know what DOE does. Take about zero intellectual curiosity among this incoming administration.

Anonymous said...

Here are the ones they should push on:
61 - Is there a readily available list of any technologies or products that have emerged from DOE S4 programs or the labs that are currently offered in the market without any subsidy?
It would be great to see the DOE labs pushed to do practical development. Maybe the LDRD tax could be converted into commercialization funds to encourage us to work with companies.

Anonymous said...

Companies don't want to work with the labs, because the labs are too expensive and too risky, and because the paperwork burden is enormous. It takes special unusual circumstances for commercial partnerships to make sense to the commercial partners, and no amount of money shuffling and incentivization at the labs will change that.

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