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Thursday, December 15, 2016


Why do employees bother to embrace integrity when our elected leaders don't?


Anonymous said...

Are you talking about Obama? Good question, I would like to know the answer as well. What happened to Yucca Mountain? What happened to carbon sequestration? Why was Keystone killed after the company spent $3 billion and got all of the necessary permits? Why is Hanford and eastern Washington a Chernobyl class waste dump with cleanup pushed back beyond 2040?

All good questions that Obama conveniently does not answer.

Anonymous said...

More generally the world is composed of people striving to do more or less good. Elected people, unfortunately, seem be be heavily composed of people who choose to do less good.

Does "Merry Christmas", evoke an opportunity to do good? Or rather to get something? Those we elect see more theb latter.

Anonymous said...

More cynically. Most elected people can't getbor hold regular employment.

Anonymous said...

I can only speak for myself, and my answer to the question is "two wrongs don't make a right."

As for elected leaders, I believe many do have integrity, even if one disagrees with their approach to the complex issues involved in conducting national and world affairs in a democratic society. I believe Obama has integrity, although I think his answers to many of those issues are underinformed, parochial and counterproductive. I thought GW Bush had integrity, although most liberals would say the same of him. Both Trump and Hillary lack integrity--they are both power-driven egotists who will say anything to get what they want, and who believe that rules are for other people. Through all of that, I don't think my moral compass swings to match that of any particular elected leader. I believe that is true of almost all my colleagues.

Anonymous said...

WikiLeaks clearly showed that the Clintons are the most corrupt politicians in American history. Don't blame the Russians (or a dead DNC leaker Seth Rich) for the details leaked to WikiLeaks. Integrity is not even a word that can be applied to Bill and Hillary. Good riddance ! Bill doesn't even acknowledge his black son (a hansom, hard working and well spoken, if uneducated lad, I might add).

Anonymous said...

Assange, Snowden, Duarte, Garage, Clinton,Trumpf,Putin, Podesta,Obama, Mrs. Kim Chee, The Castro's. La Pen, ..a bunch of crooks.

Anonymous said...

Marie La Pen is a pretty good "looker" if you peek over the big rock that's on top of you ! LOL. Her use of the French language is beautiful. Check her out on RT America, the only news network I trust today (sad isn't it !).

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